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For 7 days I’ll do an experiment and write a few lines every day here.
I do this for myself, but I’m sure it will be useful for you too. Thanks a lot for accompanying me… 🙂


Moment 0 is for me the one I align myself with my understanding of what I want and who I am:
“Well, this is the situation, neither good nor bad, and from now on I want to do this …”
By this I mean about every action I take to achieve what I want and to become who I want to be. The present is a reality of the actual state of things, which at times can only be an appearance.

DAY 1 here




In the evening, after a refreshing shower or a sparkling bath, I dress in my beautiful warm pyjamas.

While doing this, I pause for a few seconds and look at my room. It is simple but comfortable.

In my soul I feel a sense of pride and fulfillment that I can enjoy this little place of my own which for me is a real corner of heaven, created by my own forces and exactly to my taste. About the woman’s need to have a nest according to her soul, I will write to you next days.

I get into my big bed with its fresh bedding and relive, every evening, that moment of feeling totally spoilt.

I remember what a wonderful day I had, and I give thanks to the universe for everything. For the fact I live, breathe and even enjoy this detail that most of people let pass without realising.

How much we have changed in the past decades!


When I was a child, it was communist time.

I was living in a grey block at the outskirts of Constanta, my natal city. As I also wrote in my book the living conditions were quite tough, from a certain perspective.


An example would be the fact that there was not much hot water or heating.

In the house it would be just 16 degrees in the winter, and we remained dressed almost as if outside. I was bathing once a week, as did the rest of my family. I did not even want to undress in the bathroom because it was so cold in the room, and the water was not all that hot. But getting out of the bath was a torture, I had to get dressed quickly and sleep in the frozen bed. For me, this was the most uncomfortable part of that time.

For many evenings there was no light in the house. That’s the negative side, right?


But that was also a beautiful part, just as behind every ‘bad’ situation is something good. And to understand better, I recommend you watch the movie ‘Collateral Beauty’.

The positive side was that I had nothing better to do in the dark, with my mother alone at home, and I was sitting under the blanket listening to a play on the radio. There was no TV program. But I remember that I enjoyed those lovely evenings and stories, and now I realise that those cultural moments have helped me a lot to become myself today.


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We, people, have forgotten what times we have lived, especially those who had a childhood like mine.

Many are living today in big houses, driving expensive cars as they are taking enormous loans. Many have jobs or businesses for which they work non-stop and spend their years, energy and life at.


The human of today has gone much in materialism and does not realise that what he does it will not necessarily lead to his own welfare and comfort, as long as his desire, more or less conscious, is to compete with others. Today’s human desires are many and continually, constantly struggles for things that make life unnecessarily complicated. People just go into stores and buy mechanically, sometimes it doesn’t matter what and doesn’t ask if it’s really a need.


People can no longer enjoy the little things.

Some automatically take the shower in the evening and put up with stressful thoughts in bed, their desires get more and more the next day. They forgot to breathe and they are so far away from their own nature.

People forgot to do, at least occasionally, a walk in the woods or on the seashore, simply with the partner and children. Some don’t even make holidays together, and not because they haven’t resources. They just forgot to spend time and collaborate on common projects that would emotionally approach them, connect them.

What about the support and involvement in the personal projects of their loved ones!

The HUMAN simply forgot who IS.
Or has become today, what has…?


DAY 3 here



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