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The greatest arrogance is to choose your own version of being and do exactly what the soul urges you, isn’t it?

I wanted to travel far and with little money since last year when I first searched the internet for information on the subject. So I discovered that there are volunteer sites through which you can connect with people on the whole Earth, owners of hotels, pensions and even households who need help in the chores of their home or farm. Nice is that you make an exchange: you work a few hours per day for them and they will provide you free accommodation and food.
It’s self-evident that I made an account of one of those sites and I even went to Transylvania to a craftsman that I helped for 2 weeks. You can delight yourself here with the amazing story and photos. It was a not necessarily comfortable but challenging experience, but I wanted to go again as a volunteer.

A friend asked me why I’m not leaving for a job contract, if I still want to discover new lands and nations. She was right, so it was the best thing to do this time. I just had to pick a place in this big world. I wanted to do an ebook in English I told myself that it would not be bad to choose the U.K. as the first experience outside the country‘s borders. I could refine my English vocabulary and improve my grammar.

But it took me an year to make courage and during this time I made a list of strengths, many in numbers, and another list of the least enjoyable. I had to break up, at least geographically, by my parents who needed care, but especially my son who had a year of high school.

But recently I understand that I cannot help my parents too much, that they do not necessarily need a photographer or a travel blogger, but a person to supervise them and be there in need. There was also a favorable astral context that confirmed me daily fact that it makes no sense to remain there and to give up, in this way, to me and my life plans. And I have understood lately that my son, at his nearly 19 years, is on the best hands, and my actions will inspire him to become a daring adult and to live his own life in plenary.

And last but not least in the professional and personal plan, romantic, I was living a moment when there was not much to happen. In fact, there was some stagnation that told me it was the best time to make a change again in my life.

About another transformative experience you will find out in my eBook *I knew you’d come in white on Amazonkindle format or on Payhippdf.

So I made the decision to the most conscious and enthusiastic way I announced a few friends who have connections with other countries. I told them that I’m looking for a job as a photographer, possibly as a receptionist because I have some experience.

But what do you think? After only a few days someone offered me a job in England: assistant manager in a country lodge. Cleaning Assisting manager??!

I was told it was a safari-type resort in nature. Oh, exactly what I wanted…:)
But because it’s a very small one, I should be doing all the activities with the owner. From emails and phones, meeting the guests and presenting the place, maintenance of buildings and rooms, until cleaning, washing, ironing.

And every time life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade Nicol, don’t you? 🙂

I thought very well before I took the job and apparently I managed to make a deal with my ego. I had never done this kind of work. Cleaning and getting paid for it, so you can see…

But here and in this way I have discovered that because of our pride we are very much limiting our lives. The Ego tells you to work in an office and do a fine job, but maybe you closed down there much of your life you miss the experience of travel and novelty.
Now, after a month, I can say that I’m not sorry at all about the choice I made, although it was not easy for me in the first few days. I had moments when I felt fear, panic, uncertainty, that I’m not good enough, that I’m not able and that maybe I made a mistake. But I went with my eyes closed further with blind faith on my way, in life and in the universe.

I was absolutely outside the comfort zone long after I left my native country, being in a new place and in the company of new people, talking in a foreign language. I thought I knew English, but there is also a very difficult dialect here if the interlocutor is in a hurry.

In very short time I learned a lot to do, and most of the time I was shown only once. My experience here it seems to be like a camp. Or maybe with the army. Hm, but I’m starting to like discipline very much. Every new day, working or off, is a kind of game with undisclosed challenges, with physical tasks but also of rapidity and finding solutions at the moment.

I want to thank those who helped me get here and especially to the owner who is an amazing lady stronger than me…:)

Here are some points that enrich my existence so delightfully:

1. I learned how to make look impeccable a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a living room with kitchen included, all in an hour.

2.Am learned to light a fire in a wood stove.

3.Am learned to check the water quality, empty/fill and clean up a hot tub.

4.Am learned to drive a motor bike and do it daily, hah…:)

5.Am learned to de/connect the trailer from the motor bike, not too easy to accomplish it.

6. I constantly learn how to run such a business, a 4 * retreat.

7. Learn real English from real English people.

8. I learn to communicate and relate to another civilization.

9. I was provided with a car, so I learned to drive on the right side.

10. I inflated my own car wheel.

11. I live, work and spend most of my time in nature, among bunnies, squirells and pheans. I breathe fresh air every new day and I enjoy wonderful landscapes.

12. In my free time I discover the surroundings, amazing villages and towns too well known as Oxford, which I adore it.

13.Am learned to get lost on foreign lands as then, with great confidence, I also find the way back.

14.Am swimming in the river Tamisa…:)

15.Am discovered the English tea I fell in love with.

16.Am was invited and I even attended a few parties, I love the way the English have fun.

17.Am understand what role a Pub is, especially in the countryside.

18. I photograph and write in my spare time.

19.Am discovered that I like physical work because it tones my body and puts my thoughts in order. Looks like I was kind of sedentary in my native country, even if I was going to the gym or swim three times per week. The human body is still a machine that must be used not to rust, after all.

20. I made a best friend here, I play with and walk every day. My best friend was very surprised to find out, accusing me of not loving her puppy.

21.Am understand that I can live in a house with a dog and a cat.

22.Am learned to feed a dog and a cat and enjoy their company.

23.Am understand that I have exceeded many mental limitations and it was really time, I congratulate myself.

24.Am understand that I am HOME anywhere on this amazing earth that my soul has chosen to explore curiously.

25. I realized through others how brave I am and inspire them.

And I learned from myself and through myself so many about me. If in the first few days here I no longer knew who I was and I had to deconstructed myself. Now I began easy to come back to myself and build myself again. In an improved variant, having new skills and newly acquired knowledge.

And yes, I work at the office but also in nature and I do cleaning, and as a photographer and travel blogger, I offer you the opportunity to enjoy an article like this. What did you think, that bloggers live just like this, on a continuous holiday? In any way, they provide different work to sustain their livelihood and allow to visit the special places they write on their blog. Only the world’s greatest bloggers win so well that they only live out of it. I really don’t mind that one day to get there…:)

So for a while I allow myself to live this total experience that connects me with real life and people here, much above a trip or holidays. And I know what I’m saying, I’ve wandered enough world as a tourist.

This job helps me enormously to broaden the horizons of self-knowledge and the universal one, and I am approaching the realization of my projects and personal purpose. Now I’m in England, living and enjoying what it is.

But that is why I am here on Earth, to experience life on myself and through myself and then share with you my feelings.

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