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For 7 days I’ll do an experiment and write a few lines every day here. I do this for myself, but I’m sure it will be useful for you too. Thanks a lot for accompanying me… 🙂


Moment 0 is for me the one I line up with myself, understanding very well who I am and what I want:
“Well, this is the situation, neither good nor bad, and from now on I want to do this …”
By this I understand every action I take to achieve what I want and become who I want to become. The present is a reality of actual state of things, which at times can only be an appearance.

Day 3 here




* In prehistoric times people were living in caves, the woman had offered to her man sex and physical pleasure because he (having the force and aggression necessary to hunt) brought her food. The woman was absolutely dependent on her man to survive, and he offered to her not just food but safety and security too – additional ideas to Day 3



Remembering from Yesterday

* My grandmother was a housewife, a simple countryside woman who preferred to stay with her children at home. Her husband worked and brought the money necessary for living, and she took care of the little ones and the household.

* My mother had to have a job. When she was 18, she fell to college when she met my dad. She forgot about studies, and with him they made me. My mother was gradually acquainted with a different world than her childhood with her mother, my grandmother.

* As a young woman, I had to be independent in a world with much stricter rules than in my grandmother’s time. Married, having a husband and enough resources to live, but I should make money too. That’s how I became proud and stubborn wanting to make a career: I had a job and left home, every day out of the nest, but that broke my family. I was so far from my self, from the Woman in me.


I really liked the comment of a reader, a writer wishing to remain under the anonymity. It nicely complements the ideas of the article yesterday and inspired me to publish this sequel.


Here’s what he says:

”Where should I begin? Since 1848? From the Amazons?
Only few women want to be independent. Most want a house, two children, a cat, a dog, a garden. That’s how they feel. The man has to work and bring the money into the house. But if the salary does not even reach the maintenance of one person? That’s where the problems start.
Society is structured on casts. If you are not part of any caste: priestly or military you have to work to survive.
If you have money, no one can force you to work.
The kings of Romania did not work one day in all their lives. So are the boyars and the great bourgeois. The fashion emerged in the socialist years that the woman to work comes also from the capitalists, from the western states. Women during the First World War took the place of men on the front in factories and factories.
There is still the tradition of the Commune of Paris taken over by the socialists that the woman who is equal to the man and has to work to ensure its existence. Today there are a lot of female entrepreneurs with successful business but alone, sad, desperate. Because it’s not enough to have money, you have to have friends and a man.
So there are many problems. If a woman can live out of her husband’s money and feels happy as a wife and mother, why should she complicate her life? So only the woman who cannot be maintained by the husband is forced to work, to gain her life. “


He had a great deal of justice, and that’s why I recommend you, young woman, to talk with yourself before making such a decision. Understand what your life is and, above all, the desire of your soul.

Do you really want to leave your family, little children and the nest, to make a career? Is that what you really want, or maybe is only the ‘voice’ of others, about what they suppose that you should do?

As long as your man has verticalism, he loves and cherishes you as a woman, respects you as a person and takes into account your desires and believes in your dreams, encourages and sustains you, it is wonderful. You can be, with absolute grace, only wife and mother.

I am happy to see more and more young women who develop their passions and transform them into small businesses. Do you like to crochet, paint, make cakes and write? Then you have it all. You can be with your family, connecting you with the woman in you, but also with other beautiful people passionate about those activities that fill your soul of joy and fulfil you as a person. You can have a amazing life.



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The gentleman wrote yesterday that:

“It’s not known where the genius comes from. That’s why educate your sons and daughters in tennis, music, painting.
The world belongs to the artists. Those who will revolutionize society will be the artists. They will delight people with their art.
I regret now that I have not practiced tennis, painting, singing …
The young has to be supported by their parents when he or she has a talent or more, because talent exists in every person. But if he is not supported by society, he is lost. This is how labourers are performing on the work site. I do not think it’s sadder than not to follow your talent. Besides talent, it takes years of sacrifices and work, but in the end it deserves sacrifices because you reach your goal. Leave something behind you and become a living model for the offspring. ”


Great message, isn’t it?

He’s right, it’s about another, subtle, role of the woman.

She has the gift of being close and caring for loved ones but also to inspire others to want more, grow and develop their potential.


Well, the mature woman has already lived all: family, grown children, job and career. She has a rich life experience that brings value and allows her to live the fruit of what she has planted throughout her life for decades.

She is inspiring and constantly creating. She knows how to alternate gentle and warm moments caring for the family, cooking and household, escaping sometimes the day by day life and connecting with other passionate people like her.


DAY 5 here


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