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1. Because you trust yourself.

2. Because you’re an optimistic, having faith in life and in the future.

3. Because you know that what’s best will still come.

4. Because you learned to love yourself and others.

5. Because you accept yourself the way you are and you accept others just the way they are.



6. Because you’ve learned to say No.

7. Because you learned to prioritise: you know that only when you’re good to yourself, you can be good to others.

8. Because you’ve learned to be serious when s necessary.

9. Because you’ve learned to make a decision and take what’s yours from life.

10. Because you learned not to give up on your dreams: even when you’re alone, just you and yourself.

11. Because you’ve learned to also be flexible and open when it’s needed.

12. Because you don’t let anyone take advantage of your vulnerability or emotionally blackmail you anymore.

13. Because you take pity on no one, but you’re compassionate. But you’ve also accepted the fact you can’t possibly help everyone to have a better life, for as long as they aren’t willing to work for their own wellbeing.


14. Because you learned you can’t change people so you accept they the way they are.

15. Because you learned to allow yourself to be yourself, with the good and the bad.

16. Because you’re curious and open to new things that open up your knowledge horizons.

17. Because you haven’t given up on hope.


18. Because you haven’t stopped discovering yourself everyday and evolve into a better person that you were yesterday.

19. Because you love life, you adore it.

20. Because you’ve sharpened your mind, reading and being up with the news.

21. Because you learned to listen to your intuition and you honed it by connecting with nature.

22. Because you respect people, knowing that we all have our limitations: there’s no judgment or criticising anymore.



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23. Because you’ve become a mother and you’ve raised a beautiful and smart child, and you gave him everything you knew to be good at the time.

24. Because you’ve protected and shielded your child from the adults who didn’t know how to apreciate and love him.

25. Because you’ve taught your child to believe in himself, in life and in future. You’ve taught him to ‘read’ people and to think before speaking.


26. Because you’ve taught your child to help with house chores: to clean, to shop, to make an omelette for himself, to do his own laundry. To become, step by step, a responsible, well organized, and self-aware adult. You gave him wings to fly into his own life.

27. Because you’re attractive after 40: you practice sport, eat healthy and take care of your body, your precious vessel in this life.

28. Because you’re more than your parents and, therefor, your child will be more than yourself, bringing a bit of evolution to humankind.


29. Because you’ve sacrificed yourself on occasion: you’ve been where you were needed and you’ve done every necessary thing, even if you’d have preferred to do something else.

30. Because you’ve learned that every person that crosses their path with yours, even if just for a day, has a lesson to teach you. Now you know and you pay attention, you learn and you take every lesson.

31. Because now you know that even if our souls are pure, people have traumas and that’s why they’ve hurt you in the past, conscious or unconscious.

32. Because you’ve raised yourself from ashes, dusted it off and have started, on many times, again.

33. Because even when doing so, you haven’t forgotten to smile.

34. Because you always loved more than you have been loved, you’ve offered yourself body and soul, even when you haven’t been appreciated, supported and valued.

35. Because you’ve learned not to jump into a relationship, just so you’re not alone anymore.


36. Because you’re not shallow anymore. You choose the people you allow to get close carefully and you prefer the company of your family and a few close friends.

37. Because, even though you’ve suffered plenty, you haven’t closed up the gates of your soul.

38. Because you haven’t given up to love.

39. Because you learned to be patient and to wait for the right life partner.


40. Because you allow yourself to be kind, feminine.

41. Because you allow yourself to play and be playful.

42. Because you allow yourself to spoil yourself and to be spoiled.

43. Because you allow yourself to love and to be loved.

44. Because you allow yourself to be a Woman


And first of all because you, Woman, have made peace with him, the Man. You have learned day after day to love him just the way he is, with the good and the bad.



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