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Why go with us on a nature trip?

Because then you’ll cross more relaxed the daily ‘problems’ that we each have.
Maybe today you may have a heart tight because you went to the doctor with your mother and he told you to get ready…


The last time I visited Bulgaria with Marius Robert Dinu from, it was early autumn and I took part in a great off-road. Many photos and the whole story: 7 reasons to join us in an off-road adventure on the Bulgarian coast – here.
This time Marius wanted to explore new places in our company.


1. Balchik and the beach of the Baltata Nature Reserve

The city of Balchik was the first stop after crossing the border between the two countries, Romania and Bulgaria.
We stopped by Queen Mary’s Castle.
The castle is a place that I personally have not yet visited and I coud not wait to enjoy the colours of its famous gardens.


We walked along the seafront and even had a very interesting moment when the sky and the sea seemed cut in half. The other participants even joked with me telling me that they would be my witnesses if anyone accused me of excessive photo editing… 🙂

Here they are on the whole team, amused and in the mood to play.


We then run to the beach which is in the vicinity of the Baltata Nature Reserve.
It was a cold but sunny day, perfect for breathing fresh air and venturing into nature.
It was impossible for us to visit the reservation because the Mother nature had created, as in fairy tales, a border of waters before us.



I was surprised when Marius called me to show me something. From nowhere, the horses have risen.


Surprise after surprise on our trip, because here we met other horses white this time, in their play. I, romantic of the kind, had already transposed myself into a story… 🙂



2.Aladja Monastery

The next stop was the Aladja Monastery, set in cave galleries and one of the oldest religious settlements in Bulgaria.



Here is Marius Robert Dinu, a collaborator and friend who, fortunately, often takes me out of the house.


I knew nothing about this place, but on this visit I learned that hermit monks lived here. And above all, that they had an ingenious defense system: they went down and up the stairs made of ropes which they then lifted back.


3.Terms of Varna

The famous Roman baths were built of stone and clay brick, covered with marble.
There were two rooms, one for hot baths and another for cold baths, as well as a room for sauna.



We went down curiously to the basement to discover, the latrines…?

We wondered how people were doing in those days, because now there were only a few empty rooms.


4.Stone Forest

Our next visit to our adventure was to a fairy-tale place called Stone Forest.
As soon as I walked on that fine sand-covered ground, I felt it was warm.
It wasn’t a frisson coming from inside my sensitive and brave soul, but a warmth from the outside. There was a warm energy that welcomed me and accompanied me benevolently throughout my exploration.



I was happy to be there and although I was laughing and communicating with others, I was aware that at the same time I was magically connected to the spirit of that place.



There’s Marius again, with a giant stone phallus… oh, that I said it… 🙂


Joking aside, it is assumed that these stone blocks, which closely resemble Stonehenge in the UK, would have formed because of the pressure of gases under the influence of the sea that covered the region at the time. No other plausible explanation for this place considered sacred has been found since Ancient times.


5.Ovech Fortress

The last place searched that day was the Medieval Fortress of Provadiya.


The Ovech Fortress, which is also called the Stone Fortress, right?
It is believed that it was built by the Romans in the 3rd century, and that after the fall of the empire it was used by the Byzantines until the 7th century.


Why go with us on a nature trip?
Because then you’ll cross the daily ‘problems’ that we each have.
Maybe today you have a tight heart because you were with your mother at the doctor’s and he told you to prepare for hard times, or tomorrow you are at the funeral of a beautiful man you knew and it breaks your heart to see your loved ones suffer.
Then you quickly make the decision that the next day you will go on a walk in nature because you want to feel that you are living life to the fullest and enjoy what it is. Especially, because at the same time you will charge yourself with healing energy by connecting with other beautiful people and Mother Nature!



I congratulate you for joining us today and visiting Dobrudja through the five touristic attractions presented:

* Balchik and the beach of the Natural Reservation Baltata

* Aladja Monastery

* Terms of Varna

* Stone Forest

* Ovech Fortress



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