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For 7 days I’ll do an experiment and write a few lines every day here.
I do this for myself, but I’m sure it will be useful for you too. Thanks a lot for accompanying me… 🙂


Moment 0 is for me the one I align myself with my understanding of what I want and who I am:
“Well, this is the situation, neither good nor bad, and from now on I want to do this …” By this I mean about every action I take to achieve what I want and to become who I want to be. The present is a reality of the actual state of things, which at times can only be an appearance. 

Day 4 here



For more than half year I had an office job and besides the professional work, in ”the dead times” I was dreaming and planning with wide open eyes about how to fulfill my dream.

I knew I would quit the job as soon as possible, because I wanted to create my own website and a new life.

I had no security and neither my material nor my financial reserves were extraordinary. But those who know me know that I write my dreams on paper and after that I simply make them happen.

Well, here including giving up to some less important things, having some sacrifice. And of course, I mean only the dreams that depend only on myself.


So on the planned day, I resigned from that job.

I didn’t tell about my plans to people around me, even not to my family because with their best intentions, they could block me from the trajectory of my dream:

”Oh, my dear, do not you have a job, a safety-net?!”


But the only SURE thing about an unsatisfactory job is the SAFETY that if you don’t make a change you will still have exactly that same unsatisfactory job…!

In relationships it is the same, obviously.

I did not even tell to my family the day I resigned, and I went ‘to the job’ as usual…


”The job” this time, was at the apartment of a friend who had given me the key to go there anytime and work. She understood that I needed a week or even more of silence and space, to come up with the latest details. I told her that it would help me to go out of my environment. I had the vision but I still could not see the forest from the trees.

So I was at my friend’s house with the thought that I would start to work for myself this time. I wanted to edit photos and promote my services, among other things as a photographer and blogger. It was just my first day as a freelancer, so I had to take action.

I tried very hard to concentrate for an hour or so, but something was wrong and gave me a headache…

Because I could not decide on what was priority at that moment, I thought it would not be bad to take a moment on the couch to get rid of my pain… The apartment was great and I was wondering if I would have one again in my future?

I kindly asked my subconscious to release my mind of concern and show me with clarity the way I had to follow. I was stretched out on the couch, the blinds pulled closed but the window open. I love to hear the background noise when it’s warm outside – and I got into the story:


”It was just as warm and sunny, and I was wearing an elegant day dress.I was walking on the shore of a lake right on the edge of it, where the water and the yellow ground joined. I was walking in line, to the left was an endless field of white flowers with a high stem almost like me and small leaves.

I was in a kind of a paradise, that was my sensation, without any hurry. One step away from me, to the left were the flowers, one step to the right was the flashing water in which the sun shone brightly… I was in a bohemian walk and pure joy …

At some point, a kind of clay mound rose to my left, forming a small cove that blocked my path… I stopped for a second and noticed that the water was deep at once, but very clear. It was a vibrant turquoise in which the gold of the clay was reflected, and the raging sun made me think that I had a vision… Or could it be heaven, what was it that showed to me?

I was very clear about what I had to do, I wanted and could not wait to do it … I offered myself to the experience and, while exploring with the same curiosity and joy as before, I threw myself into the water. In the colourful and invigorating belly of her depth, naturally, I felt the connection altogether, the abandonment…”


I came back easily from my reverie, and realised what my subconscious was telling me:


Let go of the mind, go into the soul.

To allow me to manifest myself as I feel, in full agreement with my soul and the whole universe. To blend with everything that is without limits and above all, without fear. To allow me to be fully present and aware in everything, in all fields and in each aspects of my life. To give myself total freedom and always live in what it is, knowing that everything I need will come to me.


DAY 1 here


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