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One of my most ardent desires in the last two years was to spend a week on a quiet island. Without doing anything concrete, just wasting my time on a comfortable lounger with a book in my hand and looking out at a sea that shines in the sun…


But it’s not just my dream, is it?


Well, my wish became stronger and stronger, especially at the end of autumn when the weather was colder. That’s when I felt the need for warmth and I decided I deserved my dream vacation.

I searched the internet together with my partner for a warm place that was not too far away. We decided that Tenerife would be a great destination and after checking the many offers chose the best deal found through Jet2holidays.

This is how I entered the month of December, flying with my beloved to the famous island of Tenerife, the largest in the Canaries Archipelago.


What do I recommend before you leave for this alluring holiday?


1. Take the right clothes for the trip

I had 5 or 6 dresses with me and I wore only two of them. I thought it would be like the summer and I would enjoy warm days but the weather was only lukewarm, with very strong wind conditions sometimes – I only spent a few hours on 2 days at the pool. Now I understand why they call it the Island of Eternal Spring.

I had a single T-shirt, though it would have been good to have at least 3 plus another 2-3 blouses and at least one sweater.


2. Book a package that includes breakfast

I love to eat a good breakfast in the morning, with a lot of choices and drink tea and coffee.
So every morning I could choose to have a traditional Spanish breakfast, churros with hot chocolate, the local omelette with potatoes and cereals with a taste and consistency much like porridge.

Or an English breakfast – fried eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans and toast, or many other options.


3. Try local food

Empenadillas – a kind of pastry stuffed with salmon and cheese that we sometimes enjoyed between breakfast and dinner, followed by a tasty fruity yogurt.

Paella, delicious food and very to my taste – rice and seafood.

Calamari, or Tuna en croute with sweet potato sauce.


4. Make a tour of the island

The first few days we did not go far, preferring to take a walk in the local area around the hotel located near El Medano, a small town right on the coast.

The third day we bought a coach trip which allowed us to experience many of the sights the island offers alongside other tourists, the trip being organised by Atlantico Excursions. We were inspired to do this because this way we could get a big picture of the island and that would enable us to decide what we wanted to explore over the next few days.
For the rest of the holiday we rented a car which allow us to go anywhere we wanted.


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5. Visit Mount Teide National Park

The island of Tenerife is volcanic in nature and at its centre sits El Teide, Spain‘s tallest mountain, with a height of 3,718 metres.
We encountered many surprising things in this almost unearthly realm: snow, rain, fog, a double rainbow. Where you see me in the snow we had stopped the previous day as Audi were filming an advert for their new car – at the time in blazing sunshine! There were also scenes in the Clash of the Titansmovie filmed here.

That impressive rock that rises to the sky is famous and is called the Finger of God.

I walked with an huge delight in the black fields of lava and I connected deeply with the energy of that mysterious place

6. Do not miss Garachico

We went there specifically to visit the Garachico Lava Pools – naturally formed rockpools on the coast. Unfortunately these are in the process of being restored since the storm of November 2018 which had waves greater than 8 metres in height that destroyed them. Even so this place is worth paying a visit.


7. Make sure to visit Masca Village

Access to this village is tortuous and a brave driver is required πŸ™‚ That’s why the visual impact you have once you get there is all the more spectacular. This little hamlet, hidden away in the folds of the Teno Massif in western Tenerife, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is said that in the past it was preferred by pirates and that here they hid some of their treasures.


In Masca village I ate some of the greatest ice cream I have ever had in my life, prepared using the fruit from the local cacti. We also pampered ourselves with a generous slice of their traditional almond cake and a delicious blend called Barraquito Coffee containing coffee, milk, condensed milk, cinnamon and a special liqueur, Licor43. There was very little coffee in the ‘coffee’, I swear…


Although I did not have much time to relax at the pool on this holiday as it was more of an interactive one, I do not regret it for one second.

You can also choose to enjoy a boat trip to see with a little luck dolphins or whales. Or there and many other activities that I have not tried, so hopefully you can tell me.


It is said that Tenerife is an island of contrasts and rightly so. The landscape changes sharply from wild beaches, through grassy slopes, the coronal forest and upwards to the mountain with its imposing peaks and ridges, from desert depressions and twilight valleys to colorful towns and villages – so interesting!
So – if you really want to have a big adventure you go in December, when the weather is unpredictable and you can have a snowball fight in the mountains and a swim in the ocean or the pool on the same day. That’s because there are large differences in temperature in different parts of the island.


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