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September tells us that it’s the time to find ourselves after the hustle and bustle of the summer.
It tells us to go deep within our souls to order our thoughts and prioritize our activities to carry out the next projects.
Every September, we do not want, we’re getting back to work.

That’s why it was a great invitation from my friend and collaborator, Marius Robert Dinu, president of Off-road in Dobrogea – 4×4 – atv – enduro – mountain bike, to take part in the adventurous event through which we had so many to explore:

1. Off-road adventure on the Bulgarian coast, a real safari beach

And we’ve even been to the hunt and we’ve been looking for excitement with music, chuckles and good will, both wild beaches and the most elegant places.
Besides the beautiful people I met when I arrived at the spot, I had the first impact with a luxury Jeep with plush upholstery and red leather.

It was also the first convertible car I ever climbed in.

By going through this article, you will start to see the world from above!


And not in the figurative way, that is, with arrogance, but in the most practical way, even
from the height of the bumps that I stood with.
Unstable balance, me crazy …
And to protect my camera, I’ve earned some nice blows, beautiful bruises now.
I know that art requires sacrifice, but this time I do not answer the quality of the photos.

2. Photography

The first stop in the turquoise freshness of the wild,
immediately after the border between Romania and Bulgaria.

We crossed the entire off-road area between Durankulak, Krapets and Ezerets.



3. Kavarna

At there we had a great swimming and some of us snorkeling. The sport I have never practiced. Not yet…

Heat grew in intensity, just like our hunger,
so we shot in the shadow of the Balgarka restaurant.
I enjoyed a delicious portion of risotto with lemon and seafood,
  along with others who were also fully satisfied with the dishes they served.

Eventually we arrived at El Balcon Del Mundo, a sensational resort that surprised us so much that some of us chose to stay there overnight.

4. El Balcon del Mundo

We, the rest of us, went to Bolata Bay, an interesting but rather crowded place.

5. Bolata Bay

Obviously here I did another double swimming,
and because Marius insisted I put a helmet on my head and I looked down into the deep.

6. Snorkeling

Oh, it’s so great to see with such clarity, even in the sea!
I loved my shy start in snorkeling.

On our way home, we stopped in Vama Veche for a pancake.

7. Vama Veche

But for me this was the perfect event through which we could say goodbye summer and welcome autumn of 2018 …!
I look forward to delighted your gifts … 🙂

I choose to believe that this September will be warm and we can enjoy another bath or two on the Romanian Black Sea shore this time.

Thank you for the invitation and for the final photo, Marius Robert Dinu.
I thank the participants for the relaxed, yet relaxed atmosphere.
And I especially thank the owner of the 4×4,
thanks to which I photographed the world from above all the event.
It was absolutely fabulous to have such experience!

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