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Have you ever thought that Pera Novacovici, psychologist, psychotherapist, author, trainer, entrepreneur, will one day become a shaman? Well, neither do I!
Pera is also founder of the Alpha Tribe,
the largest personal development community in Romania, where the interests of the group are above their own.
Alpha leaders are the ones who go out to hunt, they are the first to defend the group and the last ones come to eat.
Well, I met them and I recommend you to accompany them whenever you get the chance.



What is he doing with you in Alphacamp, Pera the shaman?!

1. Get you out of your daily routine

Most of the time, your environment is stressed at your workplace, but maybe at home, and he puts you on the road, and then spoils your senses in a hotel full of color, freshness and good taste.
I traveled all night by train and I arrived early in the morning.
I ordered coffee in the elegant restaurant and sent a message to Sârbu, the organizer of the event, that I came and I want to let him my laptop. I wanted to leave all the luggage to make a city tour until the afternoon, when all the other participants arrived at the destination.
I was enjoying my coffee looking at my phone, when my intuition told me that a benevolent presence came to me. In the next second I was, with great warmth, embraced. Who do you think it was? Even Pera Novacovici! Oh, I’ve had a great welcome, thank you!

2. Walk in nature

The mountain is your first great attempt as well as the first step to connect in the most authentic way with people around you.
I’m telling you that in 20 minutes you’re jumping on rocks and in the woods like a child, completely forgetting your biological age.



We managed to cheer up and even enjoyed everything that gave us the hiking.
Although it was a big slip, snow and ice in the woods and the rocks, we breathed the clean air and listened to the silence and the rain …
We have fun together, especially when some of us, more or less equipped for mountain, have fallen into the mud 🙂


 3. He pampers you

In a dream atmosphere at the spa of the hotel that includes a large swimming pool where you can swim and tonify your body.
We relaxed in the jacuzzi and tested four different kinds of sauna.

4. He takes you to the monastery


Schitul Putna is one of the places where you remember that there is something above you and your ego.
The more wise you are, the more strongly you connect with yourself, with your soul.


You don’t have another chance, and it even helps the humble atmosphere through the presence of monks and simple and tasty food.

It is the moment when you start to see the world differently, you understand life better and get closer with the open heart to the others.


It is the best time to realize that you have been and will always be loved, protected and safe, over appearances and daily challenges.

5. Educate you mentally, emotionally and spiritually


He gives you a new paradigm, a profound sense of your life’s passing. Pera gives you plenty of new information and techniques to help you understand your emotions, motions, and vice, but you will perceive and empathize with others.
You can enjoy here with my most intimate feelings in response to some of the debated issues, teachings from the Alfacamp in Suceava. By participating in the Pera event, I have gained a new vision of life, much broader, and I have made a leap in consciousness.

6. Puts you to breathe

Of course it’s more than just a normal breath.
Pneuma Breath is a therapeutic exercise that brings you directly to what burns the most in your life, to what is priority and urgent for you. During and after Pneuma Breath, you access the inner power of your soul and enter a conscious healing process of trauma.



7. He wants you to dance

In the last evening, the final party was held, an excellent moment to enjoy everything that contained that present.

We, those who have participated in this amazing event, have set out on the road again, determined and much more conscious, with hope in the soul and full conviction that life is a gift. We came here on earth to discover our abilities and talents, to give them to others and to enjoy together the journey.

” Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. ”

Before the event, I said that all I want is to meet Pera Novacovici.

All I want now, after Alphacamp, is to work with him, with this wonderful soul from whom I have so much to learn!


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