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A few weeks ago I found myself in Bristol – quite by accident…

But as we know – nothing’s random, is it? 🙂
I’ve been in the UK for a couple of months now – in England more precisely. I had explored the surrounding area of the place where I had settled but wondered where else I could explore. With the help of our friend Google I found some articles about the main tourist attractions in this wonderful Kingdom. From one of these articles I discovered that Bath is one of the Cities I shouldn’t miss.
Hmmm, it seemed very interesting – so I entered the booking website to see if I could find any accommodation offers. Because on my last trip the hotel room was quite expensive and the conditions were not great, I got it in my head that this time for the first time in my life I wanted to stay in a hostel.
And guess what, I immediately found a very appealing offer, a hostel-boat that is moored in the Bristol harbour, which is not all that far from Bath… As I’m flexible I thought it ‘this would be different and exciting’, and it would be just for one night, which was exactly the time as I had at my disposal.
On my day off, I excitedly got on the coach at Oxford Gloucester Green Bus station to travel to Bristol. I recommend the National Express bus service with which I have traveled several times, as my experience of their service has been a very good one.
The road was pretty long, the trip taking more than two hours, so I had time to talk to myself and put my thoughts in order. I made some notes and though I was tempted to take photographs on the go unfortunately the coach was travelling at a fairly high speed so I had to just sit tight and enjoy my own soul with the dreamlike landscapes. England is so green!
But let’s get back to the story of the Bristol harbour.
Having arrived at the bus station I asked for direction to the Port.
Of course I got lost – but there was nothing wrong with that because I discovered the city center and I did some shopping. I’m not really a woman who is all that interested in this pass-time, but on this occasion I purchased some garments that I really needed, and at prices that were more than affordable. I also bought a few souvenirs of my journey, all in the first few minutes I spent in Bristol!


I walked around the center full of stores and I even found a cover for my landscape lens. It’s precious to me – particularly because it’s from Bristol. Funny, isn’t it?
In the end, after about two or three hours, I arrived at the harbour.
Here was another puzzle for me: there were so many boats – so which was mine? I looked on Google Maps to find it, but it was impossible for me to locate. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack! I asked a few people, but they didn’t know where it could be found.
I had plenty of time to wander around and to find my place later,  so rather than getting upset I told myself that I would relax and continue on my explorations on that formidable day in the sun – even though the backpack in which I had my camera, some other photographic gear and the groceries hung pretty heavy on my shoulders.
I trusted as usual in my intuition, and an hour later I asked a lady who served at a small restaurant if she knew the whereabouts of my boat. Amazingly, it was just a few feet away!

Kyle Blue – Bristol Harbour Luxury Hostel Boat



The boat was a wonderful place to stay and I spent a beautiful evening with interesting people from whom I gathered lots of useful information about this area so new to me and about the English lifestyle generally.
The room I was offered had five beds in it!
Oh, it was just like being in a holiday camp, I thought, reliving my childhood. I was alone in this room however so I could rest comfortably and slept very well that night. That was until 5 a.m. when the seagulls noisily woke me long before the alarm I had set on the phone…:)

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Evening walk

The next day, after I had eaten my brunch, I had a small walk and took a few photos saying ‘Goodbye’ to this wonderful place.




I tried going off the beaten track and guess what I found…



This is a destination definitely deserving a visit.

I was lucky enought to see a bit of the City of Bath as well, because the route the coach I was travelling back to Oxford on took it through the city. From what I saw, maybe Bath should be my next destination… 🙂

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