Hi, I’m Nicole,

I am a professional photographer based in Constanța, Romania and I am open for collaborations abroad as well.

Phone: +40 737756248    Email: contact@nicoletanussthaler.com

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*Promotional materials and content – family, event and travel – photographyarticles/text for nicoletanussthaler.com and other brands, agencies, hotels, resorts, retreats, camps, workshops, events, etc. for their sites and social media.


I am an absolutely normal person, with qualities and flaws in harmony.
My story started in the moment I discovered the landscape photography and I fell in love with, and my life became a beautiful and continuing challenge.
Through the camera I rediscovered the simplicity and the beauty of the wild, Mother Nature calling me back again and again.

2014, June – My first photo exhibition in Neufeld an der Leitha, Austria

2014, August – My second photo exhibition held in Constanta, Mamaia – Romania

2014, August – Two photos of mine where exposed at the Der Reisinger, Neufeldersee – Austria

2015, August – I took part to a photography workshop host by Toma Bonciu at Cheile Bicazului, Romania

2016, April – I participated together with the local artists at exhibition in Ebenfurth, Austria

As landscape photographer and exhibitor at the Open-Air Galery, I appeared in the local newspaper with the Mayor of Ebenfurth, Alfredo Rosenmaier and the organizer and art club leader, Jean Pierre Massanets, Austria

2016, June – Participing to the exhibition at Bad Fischau, Austria
2016, July – Participing to the exhibition at Ebenfurth, Austria

2016, March – I took part to a photo tour lead by Dorin Bofan in Isle of Skye, Scotland

Foto credit: Mircea Muntean

2017, February – I took part to a photo tour lead by Michel Lucas in Hoge Venen, Belgium

2017, May – I graduated with maximum grade the Avatar Photography School Constanta, Romania

Foto credit: Laura Sipică

2017, June – I participated in Romanian Photographers’s Salon in Bucharest, with a photograph from Scotland, as a representative of the graduated school, Romania
2016, March-June – The deep connection with nature has led me to self-knowledge and the fruits of my soul journey have become lessons, and I have written a book.

Foto credit: Vali Toma

Republished articles:
2017, November – https://ecreator.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5623:3-motive-pentru-care-omul-care-te-refuza-este-un-inger&catid=14&Itemid=117
2017, January –
2018, June: https://povestea-locurilor.ro/tag/nicoleta-nussthaler/
2017, June 15 – I published my first book *Știam că o să vii în alb, the Romanian version – a life story about love and lessons that also contains exhortations to fulfilment. My eBook *I knew you’d come in white can be found also in English on Amazon.

2017, July 15th– I was invited to the Arta of Living – Tv Neptun, Romania
2017, July –https://denisadenna96.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/interviu-cu-nicoleta-nussthaler/
2017, August 22nd– I was invited to the Sea Breeze – Tv Neptun show, Romania
2017, December – I participated in the photo exhibition “Look around you”, Virgil Coman Art Gallery, Constanta
2018, December – I was awarded the Diploma of Honor – JCI Constanta

Foto credit: Marian Nikitov

2019, February – https://www.joienegru.ro/fotografie-si-scrieri-cu-nicoleta-nussthaler/

2019, December 12th – I launched my book *I knew you’d come in white – Confessions about love, pain, life: 5 exhortations for fulfillmentkindle and paper back on Amazon and pdf on Payhip.

I love to photograph people, but I love their stories too as well as nature, travel, hiking, adventure. I am curious about everything means life and I am always capture all this through my camera, as well as through my writings, articles and books.


Would you like to know how I came to understand life even love and relationships? I invite you on my YouTube channel – I talk about How to stay positive inside the houseLove and soulmates and others– knowledge gained from my own life experience.


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