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I recently took part as a photographer and travel blogger to an adventure in Baiului Mountains with MAS Outdoor Experience – Nature, Trips, Journey, Adventure Tourism.


I really wanted an interesting offer like this one and the moment was the best for me.

The day before I had another event in Bucharest, the capital of my country – you can enjoy the fun and all the story here: Travel on the plate: “Architects in the kitchen


It was easy for me to put in my bag the mountain equipment including snow boots.


The starting point at Sinaia train station at 09.00 in the morning. We, over 50 people and 3 guides.

The group leader told us in detail with great patience about the possible problems that might arise on the route we had to go through.


We started walking on Calea Prahovei Street


The leader was Gabriel Jugănaru, accompanied by Lucia Adina Vals, the one who inspected us from the inside and Florin Plesea, who was behind  with the less trained participants, thus assuring the back of the group. I really liked the fact that the three guides communicated permanently through radio stations and guided us along the route, gentle but firm.

After 10 minutes walk we reached the Street Dog’s Peak crossing the Prahova River and left behind the town.



We went to the Dog’s Peak Cottage, but it was closed.
It could have been great to have a few moments relaxing on the terrace with a refreshing drink in front. Let me dream that in the future someone will turn the cottage into a delightful place.



Snow on the mountain on March 30, and the weather was announced that it will snow the next days … 🙂


We had some brave children in the group who inspired us, the adults. So we relaxed more letting our inner child fully enjoy this hiking in the wild.
Life is more beautiful for those who keep their sense of humor and playfulness, are not they?



After the exploration through the forest somewhat difficult due to the degree of inclination, we arrived at 12.00 to the top.
We were delighted with the flowers, crocuses and snowdrops – so tender and delicate.



I had been week before to another trip to the Măcin Mountains in my area, Dobrogea and the snowdrops were much bigger there. So I have discovered this way by my own experience that we have several species of snowdrops in the country. So interesting.


We had a stop so well deserved in the glade with flowers under the warm and beneficial rays of the sun. The perfect time for selfies, lunch and even a sweet snap in my case … 🙂


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We discovered on the top a shepherd’s cross. That man have died rthere because hom did not have time to take shelter and was struck by lightning many years ago.



Baiului Mountains: the most beautiful panorama to the Bucegi Mountains

I played like that too 🙂


On the other side is situated The Bad Valley.


I did not understand at all why it was called like that. It is said that when there are clouds there will be bad weather in Sinaia. So after me this is a signal – a positive thing – even if it announces bad weather, right?


At the top of the mountain, we had a nice break and we listened with great interest to Gabi.
He is a passionate athlete, among others a ski instructor. He told us a motivational story about his participation in a mountain bike competition. He enrolled in this contest to the elite, that is to the advanced, although he did not have much experience and did not know the route. He confessed to all of us that he was to leave his soul there, but through will and discipline he exceeded his mental and physical limitations and even ended up among the first.


“When you go on a mountain or to an endurance competition, the main struggle is between your mind and your body, but at the end of it you will get to be victorious from the point of completing what you have designed and found so how strong you are. Mountain hiking, which at first seems impossible due to the great number of hours to go, will show you another side of yours, more precisely your inner strength.
Perhaps you are physically exhausted at the end, but you look proudly on the path you have gone through, on yourself and on the fact that you have succeeded something that seemed impossible at some point! Trust in you grows, sometimes you get to rediscover yourself, eventually reinvent yourself.

The effect of trust in yourself is seen not only in the mountain but in everything you do later in your life.
We see more and more people 35 years old who start run, go mountain or bicycle, and even participate in amateur competitions, and we wonder what they got because they did not have these interests before. This is precisely why people feel good, satisfied and confident in their skin, become more creative, more open, more optimistic, and more often than not happy!

We chose to organize adventure tourism events to get people out of their desks and give them the mountain education that I also enjoyed by participating in various mountain activities in my childhood. Practically there began mountain love, of nature. We are glad that we can inspire people and children, and that we can make them enjoy our passion!–  Gabriel Jugănaru


Mountain Route: Sinaia (800 m) – Cottage the Dog’s Peak – The Dog ‘s Peak (1650 m)



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