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24 Hour Run for Autism, The Black Sea is about him. But about you and me, the hero is in each of us.


Adrian Gemănaru, who owns Black Sea Center together with his wife, started running in 2016.
Here he is with members of his wonderful family, who were there for all 24 hours – as long as the marathon lasts.


Adrian is the hero, immediately followed by his friends who continue to inspire us to run every year with him for a noble cause: raising funds for children with autism.

Through his example, he inspires us to bring to light our beautiful soul, empathy and the courageous part, expansiveness and the natural desire to overcome our physical and mental limits.


Through participating in the event, it gave us the opportunity to become more aware of ourselves and of what is happening around us. When you are a part of a huge group of people, with athletes, normal people, wheelchair users and kids who run and spend 24 hours together in an almost feverish excitement, you feel something change forever in each of us.



Heroes inspire us to forget a little of ourselves and understand that we are part of a whole, a wonderful community. And we realise that it is up to us to transform our universe, to enlarge it and make our life more beautiful:

” If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Mahatma Gandhi


I am free!

I am a good person and it is up to me to choose at any moment what is best for me. I gladly receive the most beautiful things from life. That’s what I allowed myself to say for all of us … 😘


I’ve captured more than a thousand images at the event, so I’m going to limit myself to a few people, heroes among the heroes.





To my great delight I was asked by the organizer to photograph the whole route.
On the beach I met the most enthusiastic runners who responded nicely to my encouraging words. I enjoyed myself, getting caught up in the frenzy, and experienced the most intense moments, being overwhelmed by the deep soul-to-soul connection.



Some of them were running barefoot and I wanted to see how that felt. Although it was a very warm day, like in the summer, the sea water was very cold.




There were drums, first aid instructions, games and dances for the children.


”It was an extraordinary event, and all the records set in 2018 were overcome.

The 2019 run has its own story: the coldness of the wind that throws sand in your eyes at 23:00, the 3-4 degree temperatures experienced at 4am, the running in loose sand that exhausts the runners’ muscles, the midday temps in the 30s – all these were walls broken through by the runners for 24 hours.

“Here are the superheroes:
The Carpi team, the godly descendants of the Dacian tribe



First place for girls was occupied by Regina Târcovnicu, who ran 150 km in 24 hours, and Laurentiu Moga for boys who ran 165 km in the 24 hours of the competition.


In this story we are all heroes: The volunteers without whom the event could not take place, the countless companies that participated as sponsors  for dozens of runners in the competition, the photographers and videographers that provided the images and videos to remind the participants of this memorable event, who in turn will inspire others.


The story is about Constanţa, my beautiful city and about Romania and her heroes.


It was a great honour for me to approach these special people who through their energy and lifestyle are a worthy model to follow.

Congratulations to the organizers for the excellent marathon edition of 2019 and thank you Adrian Gemănaru for the awakening of the sleeping hero in us!


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