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Today we are talking about a book launch: *Help! Love hurts, written by Andrei Bogdan Vulpescu and Gabriela Dumitriu.

I responded with much joy to the invitation from Andrei and enthusiastically took part as photographer and blogger.

This time I had some good friends next to me and we explored together a different journey: a true incursion into our souls and emotions.



Andrei and Gabriela make a wonderful team and we enjoyed some good hours with their detailed presentation of the themes in the book.


Andrei, a former rapper, is now a relationship blogger, student and future psychotherapist, and author of several books.


Gabriela is primarily Andrei‘s mentor.
She carries out individual and group psychotherapy for children, adults and families, organizes personal development camps for children and adolescents, creative and expressive workshops for children and families.


The atmosphere was relaxed throughout the event, we had more than interesting discussions and characters.
We were amused, as you can see – Andrei and Alex, my son – real men!


Oh, I can swear that it’s just a joke. I’ve given up for a while to fight with the man in any aspect of life 🙂

That’s again Andrei and me…

Look here few lines from the book through which the authors tell us:

“Unfortunately, we were educated to take care of our body, of our general health, but we were not educated to take care of our minds, emotions, and our soul.
Moreover, we were not allowed to express our emotions, especially the negative ones.

We bet that most of those who will read this book have heard formulations such as: What are you going to be sad about? You have everything you need! Put your hand and learn! What reasons are you going to be depressed? Depression? Finish with these crap! ”‘Happiness has never been a social norm! Unhappiness, on the other hand, was painstakingly built. Why? Simple! Because happiness decreases consumption. Yes, happy people do not consume. Put 1000 happy people in a mall and see what’s going on … At the same time, put 1000 unhappy people in a mall and watch carefully what’s going on. They will devour everything in their path! That’s the difference! ”
“We hold what is called a chronic incapacity of emotional inter-human contact.

We are afraid of intimacy and connection and we hardly tolerate any form of genuine contact with the other. Have you noticed how easy it is to look at the interlocutor in the eye when expressing our anger, and how difficult is it to express our appreciation, love, gratitude, keeping in touch? “


I really liked one of their inspirational case:

” Asked what he likes to his wife, the man replied without hesitation:
It is sunny, positive, honest, simple!
Burst! Shock and stupor! So it’s possible!”
He did not refer to domestic abilities or physical qualities, but to point directly to the area of ​​character traits.
In the case of this couple she answered, without hesitation, in the same way:
He is sincere, loving, makes me laugh a lot, is present, listens, is positive.

These people knew very well what they appreciate each other. What did they differ from others?

There are two lkinds of iving people, two people who love each other, two people who are present and attentive to each other who can answer your question – what do you appreciate for your partner at any time of day and night? And I do it with confidence and determination!
The two were together for 7 years, had children and did not get bored of each other. ‘

“Listening is extremely important if our goal is to develop healthy relationships.
Think so – if you do not listen to your partner and fail to understand your point of view, you will find yourself in a form of autism in the relationship with him.

Moreover, you will find yourself in a position where you will imagine things without any tangency with reality and you will act in the direction that you imagine it is necessary or the case to do. You will only listen at a superficial level, not with the intention of understanding, but with the reaction. The man who knows how to listen, manages to respond appropriately. The difference is huge!”


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Discussions had a long way up to seduction sometimes used as a weapon and even sex.
It is a useful reading for those who have never had the opportunity to explore the depths of their soul, but also those who are already in the process of continuously increasing their personal potential.


This book gives us a lot of new information and a special perspective, a review of a healthy lifestyle, a true – Emotional Hygiene Guide that inspires us to ask where we are now and who we want to become in relation to ourselves and to others.



Thank you, Andrei Bogdan Vulpescu and Gabriela Dumitriu for giving us an exceptional cultural event in a wonderful location and for such an interesting book through which we better understand our emotions, and so we can improve our relationships.


My dear reader, I hope you have enjoyed the book launch in Constanta, my city. Now please excuse me, I want so much to read the book…


I invite you on my YouTube channel where I am talking from my own life experience about:

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