Book Launch

I Knew You’d Come in White by Nicoleta Nussthaler

The story began in the summer of 2015, when an angel appeared in my life, a soul sister, and a character in the book. She was at that time the only person who made me understand that what I feel and what I want is perfectly normal and natural, and encouraged me to follow my heart.

When I wrote the book I lived in Austria and I lived both the joy and the suffering. Then and then I realized that these two are intertwined and inseparable throughout their lives. That this means, in fact, life.

And with good and evil, that experience was a transforming one and led me to myself, and I – a kind of a fighter – I cuddled a bit and began to discover day by day the sweetness of life. I learned to enjoy small things, to indulge me and to indulge me. In a word, I relaxed in my feminine side, and that in the absence of a life partner.

Thanks to my son who understood and accepted that his mother is a free spirit – I do not detail here, read the book – to my parents and to the whole family, and to my friends who are not many.

Photo credit: Andreea Ion

I say to my heart that I had an absolutely fabulous evening in the company of wonderful people, with whom I shared moments full of emotion and spiritual warmth. Thank you!:)



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