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It seems that was necessary to live for three years in an Austrian village to discover the countryside of Romania.


I was back home for a while and my curiosity was growing suddenly wanting to visit all my natal places.


I’m lucky enough to have friends who take me out and don’t let me spend the whole weekend in the house.

One of these is Marius Robert Dinu who has a permanent mood for Adventure and Coaching in Nature.

I never could refuse this friend of mine because the trips organised by him are absolutely a dream.
If you do not believe me convince yourself with my story about Experiece Romania: Off-road in Dobrogea 2018 here.


In this new trip the first stop was Vișina, a village located in Tulcea County.

Dobrogea region is home to the Danube Delta, a wildlife reserve designated by UNESCO as a “Reservation of the Biosphere;” the ancient port city of Constanta, and the seaside resorts stretching along Romania’s 152-mile Black Sea coast. From the port city of Tulcea, day cruises through the Delta’s waterways give travelers a glimpse of the abundant wildlife and the traditional fishing villages.


It was exactly 17th June when the Traditional Celebration of Vişina was taking place at the third edition.


Here are some images from the middle of the village.




It could not miss the fish prepared in so many different dishes.



We made a quick tour, then headed for the household that initiated this celebration. I am extremely happy and proud that the tradition has reborn in this village guesthouse.




I got them eating sour cherries. Vișina in Romanian means cherry… 🙂



We walked through the village and discovered there a group of scouts.

Beautiful children passionated about nature were coming with backpacks, sleeping bags and metal cutlery. Now they were singing and dancing …

That’s what they expected the evening meal, a table that the authorized ladies cooked right there, outdoors in nature ..


And back through the street …



How do you think I got rid of the thick layer of dust, other way than dancing?


I have no photos to show you so you still have to believe me …

After having enjoyed a yumy donut like home, we get into the car and ran farther to the distant sight



Oh, the weather started crazy and we escaped through the ears of the needle, so far, by the storm!


But we’re all a bit adventurous



What great place where I would like to pamper myself for a few days.



We ended up our journey at Enisala Fortress

Golden hour

Blue hour


Thank you for joyning us… See you next time!


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