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This spring I managed to escape the concrete jungle to have an adventure in beautiful nature with a new group of people. 

We put our worries in an imaginary bag and we metaphorically left them at the edge of Constanta, the city where I live, then we relaxed completely letting ourselves be expertly guided by a friend of mine – Marius Robert Dinu.


Our destination was to be the Măcin National Park, a natural area in northern Dobrogea that includes the oldest mountains in Romania with an abundant floral and fauna diversity.

Our trip took place in March this year and we started it with a stop in the town of Cerna.

Here is the “Panait Cerna” Memorial House, a simple peasant home. Today it is a county museum showcasing an exhibition with the poet‘s bibliography, photographs, historical documents and study papers, samples of his poetic works and references.

The waters begin to fanfare,
And, starting with the stream,
Shout at the world.
Spring – She has arrived!
Ah, how sweet is the burden,
New buds!
Spring, spring!
It came to us …
Song of March by Panait Cerna

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On our travels we met a lizard and saw so many delicate flowers


In the woods…


Oh, I guess I messed up the season because we found lots of snowdrops, violets and crocuses.



We even bumped into a group of bikers on the trail


They were preparing for a local competition



We, however were more the lovers of simplicity, fresh air and nature


A smiley tree that I obviously embraced… ☺️  

   Dreaming, the two lovers
They were singing the song in their hearts;
Then, from the bottom of the valley, the Wind,
Seeing how happy they were,

He sneaked into the trees,
Move the branches, smiling in the sun,
And covered them in flower dust,
Giggling like a child.

April, by Panait Cerna



For us, though? Do you really think so…?🤪 How could we miss such a sight?




Unfortunately for most people who are trapped in their existence between work and home, life slips through their fingers…

“Carpe diem, quam minimum credela postero”

Horatiu, “Ode”, I, 2, 8

Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow

It is said to live intensely the present moment, the only sure one.

We were overwhelmed in that moment by the greatness of this world.
We were the ones spoiled by fate, the ones who know how to stop and look, to feel the life and to follow its natural flow, smoothly and with joy in our souls.

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We ended the trip in a fairy tale, with a stunningly colorful sunset.

What do you say, do you have enough reason to go with us into a new adventure in nature? How could be to make other discoveries, together?

TO DISCOVER = to miss what he / she covers by letting himself / itself appear (searching or by chance); find; to find out / make for the first time / to look as it is; to make known / to make known to the general public; to divulge, to reveal.

I thank life for that day of indulgence by connecting with nature and beautiful people.


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