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Do you usually make plans for the New Year?

I am asking you this because I am curious. I would like very much if you could let me know in a comment…

This is why we humans have the ‘gift’ to ignore our soul’s desire. Every December we start dreaming big dreams and making big plans, but by March next year somehow those dreams and plans fade away and we allow life do with us as she wishes.

When I say life I am not talking about the Big Life who knows much better than us what and where we need to be – I mean that ‘life’ that is the noise of our old mentalities and those people who always giving us unasked-for advice. So we have to be vigilant and model ourselves on the people who achieve visible results, not the ones who only complain or blame others, right?

How about you? Have you fulfilled your desires for 2019?

Well, it is said that its good for our wellbeing to finish everything we start. Especially at the end of the year.

That means cleaning: The house throughout – into the corners and shelves. The soul and our relationships. The business, our clients and payments. The phone and our contacts. The inbox and our emails…

Clarity and simplicity, those are ‘key’ for a harmonious life.

I am happy that I fulfilled a big part of my dreams for 2019:

* I launched my own website that you are reading right now

* I moved to England, a new place and new people

* I recently started a relationship with a good man, sensitive but strong and supportive

* I spent my savings on my dream holiday, thinking that: ”Travel is the only thing in life that enriches you” – in this respect don’t act like me 🙂

* I launched my eBook, an English version of I knew you’d come in white on Amazon


*I started to have photo-shoots here, in an area still new for me

*I enjoy developing strong relations with those around me – being open to new people and possibilities

All these wishes have been on my ‘list’ for the last few years. I congratulate myself that I had the courage and determination to invest continuously emotionally, mentally and financially in my plans and to fulfil them, despite some people trying to crush my optimism, my missing out on a few things and sacrifices I have had to make.

Look here at a fragment from my eBook – a book I wrote in 2016:

”Ideas flow, colourful and many, and I want to write more but I have my limits. I’m only human. Still, I want to finish it by the following summer. I wish to find an editor or another writer to help me shape it, so I can publish it by the one year anniversary of Vlad’s passing. This book is in his memory. I can say that he gave me the idea, the ambition and the strength: I never thought I could write, not in the least. This keeps reaffirming, once again, that anything is possible. I can never say never again.

My soul is guiding me and telling me that I can do it, especially since I started it at the end of March, before I left for Scotland.”

This December my soul gentle whispering to me that I don’t need new desires but to fulfil all my old ones.

I am happy to say that only one is still important to me after a couple of years is to repair my teeth. Of all the desires I could have had for 2020 this is still the most important to me: Funny isn’t it?

With the help of my strong spirit I could materialise most of my desires-fantasies, bringing them to life directly from my rich imagination – and yet I didn’t fulfil such a simple and tangible thing like having my teeth fixed.

So this is the first item on my to-do list for 2020, along with the development of my photography, travel and writing plans – I can not wait to start editing my new book, the continuation of the first one.

Don’t forget about the small things that are so important for the soul:




*Daily connection with nature

My dear friends, let’s have a nice time together with our loved ones and see in the new decade and its fantastic energy, having a wonderful 2020!

Happy Holidays! 

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