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I was extremely excited when Marius Robert Dinu, a collaborator and friend, suggested that I tag along as a photographer on a new off-road adventure in Dobrogea.

Curiosity had taken a hold of me and I knew I would do anything so I didn’t miss an event like this one.

There’s always a healthy portion of nature and adventure whenever I attend to an event organized by Marius.

This time there were even more surprises…


For the first time I took part to a such big event with 17 cars participating.
First of all a big thank to the owners of the cars, the good people who drove us around all day…


First stop: Tuzla beach





We were a big group of over 60 people





Mangalia, Limanu





Much fun 🙂


Out of which 46 bloggers, vloggers and international influencers, who have come to Romania for a week, to discover its beauty through the special  Experience Romania program.



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We had the luch break at the Cotu Văii


And on behalf of all the participants, I thank Vasile Laurentiu Grigorescu, a founding member of the Off-road Dobrogea, for the home-made bread, the delicious smoked beans and the tasty drinks.



We all served lunch outside in the sun. It was so rustic and even the perfect time to talk and know each other better.


After eating the guys needed extra adrenaline, and we were watching their stunts



The cars disappeared and appeared instantly, as if coming out of the ground and green grass …





” You who quench your thirst from this spring be blessed and glad for the gifts God left on this earth ”


The weather was warm and the spring refreshed our souls with pure water.


Such a big surprise we all had just a few minutes discovering a puddle of mud formed there. Reason for great joy for the owners of all those powerful cars, adrenaline seeking people …




Now they’re waiting for the first rain …


In the meantime, I have to thank you for having interest in our adventure.
A big thank to the organizer of Experience Romania, Tudor Maxim who brought travelers from other countries, beautiful people who will write articles and talk to others about their experience, thus promoting our wonderful country all over the world.
And thank to Marius Robert Dinu, who organized and represented exceptionally Off-road in Dobrogea.



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