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Today I’m going to talk about how we spend our time and keep ourselves optimistic even in these incredible times.


Time seems to have stopped in place for all of us, but also for each of us, individually – and it seems that life is doing us a disadvantage. In fact, life puts us face to face with ourselves and with the questions of our soul that we have been running away from until now – through our consumerist lifestyle, through impatience and exclusive focus on the outside.


We have learned from spirituality that every unpleasant situation contains something positive – so besides all the hysteria that is now worldwide, we receive in the package its opposite side: the silence.


Now we are given that time and space on a mental and emotional level, not only physically and materially – to go inward. It’s the best time to clean our mind first from thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us, after then we can clean the house now, before the Easter holidays 😊

Now we have time to do what we wanted when we said so easily we didn’t have time. True?

How would be to forget about everything that happens in the world and honor our being, for at least an hour, every day? So that means to answer to ourselves:


Who am I now and who I want to be tomorrow?

What is my life now and how I want it to be tomorrow?

What do I want in my reality and what I don’t want?

What do I want to improve on myself and how can I help others?


* CONCENTRATE ON THE PRESENT – enjoy your time with your loved ones or even with yourself. But plan and think about the future.

Now you have time, don’t run away from yourself… Make peace with yourself…



* CONNECT WITH NATURE – even if you’re locked up in your house…

Our brains don’t know the difference between reality and imagination.

I known this truth for a few years, during which time I tried it and thus attracted almost everything I wanted in my reality – especially warmer relationships with my loved ones and my travels.

So, especially if you’re isolated in an apartment, I recommend you watch nature documentaries and “travel” virtually wherever you want – no limits – you can go wherever your mind takes you.


* LISTEN MUSIC – sound of rain, thunder, waterfalls and the trilling of birds.


* LOOK AT PHOTOS OF WILD LANDSCAPES – I invite you to enjoy many articles from my international adventures with many photos.

Lucky are those like me who live in the village, in the middle of nature, as well as those who stay at the house and have a garden – but even from the window we can enjoy all that is beautiful: flowers, birds, sun and clouds, sunrise and sunset.

And those who are more adventurous like me, even enjoy a short walk around the house, where there is the yellow field. Connecting with nature is the key – it is the secret that brings spring to our soul, clears our minds of negative thoughts.


* READ – time passes hard, so you can order a few books and don’t forget about my book which contains 5 secrets for fulffilment – click the link bellow:

I knew you’d come in white – Confessions about love, life, relationships


* WATCH ADVENTURES AND COMEDIES, laugh – humour gives you the well-being that lifts you up on a high vibration.


* TAKE A LOOK ON OTHER VIDEOS – I talk about my understandings of love, relationships, life – possibly inspiring you – it’s not at all random with whom we spend this time in the house. Now we have time to think and understand why we are in a certain relationship, what we have to learn and what is the lesson or what is our way forward.


It would be great to write to me in a comment if you liked my article and to see me. As long as you interact and tell what are your opinions, questions or fears – I will understand that you appreciate my work and I will develop this theme:


How to stay optimistic when everything seems wrong


Remember that we all we need: warmth, encouragement and support. So this is only a test to verify our confidence in life and the future.


I invite you on my YouTube channel – there I am talking from my own life experience about Return to nature and simplicityHealthy LOVE or zombie type and others.



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