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I started writing this article because, among the dozens of comments and messages I receive daily from website visitors, there were several of them like this:


How do you find the peace and clarity to write so smoothly? What do you do to have such a lightness and naturalness?”

Oh, I’m impressed and thank you from the bottom of my heart – your comments flatter me, but more than that, I understand that my writing has improved over time and it is wonderful to know this.

The most fabulous thing is that my website just turned one year old and I’m impressed with the traffic it has.




My intuition whispers to me that from now on its popularity will snowball.

I am happy to see that there is no need for such huge effort on my part, the hardest part has passed now – but I work constantly and diligently to improve its quality and attractiveness.


Of course it wasn’t always like this – on my first blog, the one I created in 2017 – I was happy to have just a few visitors each day. With the second blog that I created in 2018, it was a little better.

Now, on this third blog – my own website and my dream for a few years –  I keep working, but there are days, maybe even a whole week when I do nothing at all and I have the same results: that is to say there are just as many visitors and just as much traffic on the site. It seems now to be about experience, I’ve entered a ‘comfort zone’ with the site and the work required and I’ve managed to get rid of doubt and disbelief.


Here are the steps that will lead to more clarity:


1.Write immediately

Whether you’re writing about an event you went to just an hour ago – this way you’ll get more traffic because yours may well be the first article about that event – or you may be writing about a spontaneous idea.

This is only a good trick to apply – unfortunately, this way is not always suitable for me.


2. Allow the text to ‘rest’ for at least a day

You start to lay down your lines as they come to you – at that moment or after a few hours, a few days, sometimes even years – but without stopping for editing or correction. You’ll be able to do that work later, maybe after a day, or a week, etc…

This is my favourite style – GIVE TIME TO TIME – ideas breathe and then settle down somehow, from artistic braids that give colour to linking more information in that give life and naturally infiltrates the text.


3.Write early in the morning

I often wake up at 05.05 and let the inspiration surprise me while enjoying a coffee. At that time it is usually fairly quiet, you have your time, you have your space and there are no negative energies – sounds or other elements to distract you.


4.Relaxation as a lifestyle

Problems and shortcomings we all have, on different levels. The important thing is to focus on finding solutions, rather than creating other problems or living with constant worry – they will never lead to clarity.

From my own life experience I can tell you that I’ve had moments where I wanted to write, but something was holding me back and I would blame myself for being lazy. I understood years later that it just wasn’t the right time, that I didn’t have the inspiration to write. After a time – maybe only two or three hours or days, I can sit down to write and the ideas flow out of me – as if they are writing themselves.

So it’s important to allow yourself to be able to move exactly the way you feel – allow yourself to breathe and allow yourself to be inactive sometimes. When you don’t have ideas, you can focus on other activities that will bring joy to your soul.

I’ll give you and example, I charge myself when I cook or clean the house while listening to my favorite shows, supported by the people who inspire me – let’s remember that we are the average of the top 5 people we spend time with most often.

Surround yourself with bright people who bring you precious information that gives value to your life – you can even find them online – it’s much the same thing.


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5. Always keep in mind THE WHEEL OF LIFE

Be wise and accept that blogging is just one part of your life, not your whole life.



It is important to have harmony between all aspects of your life:

* love and relationships

* health

* hobbies and relaxation

* job, career, money

* spirituality

* personal development


When you focus more on one or only certain plans, by default you will ignore others.

If you want to have a fulfilling life – and succeed as a blogger – you need to understand that life is like a garden full of flowers of different varieties and colours that you need to care for every day the same way.

Put water on them and feed them – through specific thoughts and actions – so that they are fresh and bloom permanently.


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