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My dream of becoming a photographer started three years ago, when I discovered landscape photography and began reading about it from various sources.


I managed to grow my circle of friends and came in contact with many people, some only interested in photography, others already professional photographers. I met Michel Lucas this way.

At the time, three years ago, it was a magical time in my life. I’d only just moved to Austria, and started to take pictures of the surroundings. The place fascinated me, I was fortunate enough to live near a lake. I started taking photographs there, then went onto dawns and twilights, and then moved on to forests and mountains nearby.

At the same time as I was starting my journey in photography, Michel was publishing fabulous work online, mysterious images that looked like they were captured in fairytales. Following his activity, I began to understand, little by little, what lighting, composition, and weather meant and how important they were to landscape photography.

To my surprise, Michel Lucas himself encouraged me at the beginning, leaving kind comments on my photos, and giving me advice so I could improve. Ever since, I wanted to meet him in person, to learn more from him, and this autumnI finally managed to sign up to his workshop that took place between the 3rd and 5th of February, at Hoge Venen, in Belgium.

It’s never too late!


Hoge Venen is the greatest stretch of wilderness in the Holland, with forests, plateaus, rivers and valleys that invite you to reflect and enjoy nature. There are mountain tops almost 700 metres high, the tallest in the Holland, and the deep silence welcomes you immediately.


This place is special, and Michel has studied and photographed it for 10 years, bringing beautiful pictures into the world.

Here we are on the first day, at the first crack of dawn, on the first location:

Brackwenn / Plateau Venn


Not too much snow, but plenty of colours


Watching Michel from above, so I can learn more from him 🙂



Colours and forms


In the afternoon, we went to Hoegne Hockai, a marvelous place along a frothy river, and we took photos of the waterfalls.



A dreamy place


Where I would’ve loved to wander…


Look what I found!


Next day, very early still, we went to a place I dearly wanted to see. We left the cars at Baraque Michel, a restaurant with no relation to our Michel, but that didn’t stop us from joking about it.

And so, we started on, well equipped, towards Noir Flohay, a famous burned down pine forest.

And we walked…


The five of us: four men and me, the only woman. The other two ladies in our group have decided to remain at the guesthouse.Until our first obstacle: a creek.

Each of us crossed over any way we could, only I got special treatment from the boys, who found a piece of wood and laid it at my feet so I could graciously cross over.


And we walked, and kept walking, until Michel lead us into the fog.


Even through the fog, I could see the silhouettes. I heard the silence. I smelled the clean and magical air that was waiting for us.

I was fascinated with that place, a place that Michel captured in his photos so many times.

It was overwhelming for me to be there, to connect with the spirit of that place.

There was another outing scheduled for the afternoon of the same day, but I chose to go on another adventure.

I spent a wonderful time there, at Hoge Venen, with wonderful people. I want to thank them for the friendly and funny atmosphere they have created and for the fact that I could enjoy every bit of my stay there.

And for the professional layout of the workshop I have to thank Michel Lucas, who taught us lots of tips and tricks and other details about the art of landscape photography.

Some people leave a bigger mark in our lives than others, and that’s normal. I can safely say that Michel has inspired me and has made me want to learn even more about photography. And for this, I am forever grateful and I want to thank him. I could say that Michel has been a mentor of sorts for me, in many ways.

I’m happy that I fulfilled this dream of mine, one of the biggest and boldest of all my dreams.


I recommend the same thing to you as well, dear reader. Do the same and fight for what you want.

Before you do anything, ask yourself this:

Do I really want this thing?

If the answer is yes, then never give up and never let anyone be in your way. You don’t need to know how your dream will come true, you don’t need to see the path, you only need to believe in yourself and in your dream, and the right circumstances will come to you.

So, be careful what you wish for, it may very well come true!



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