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There are two months since I live in England at the countryside.
So I started to know how things are around here and what are the habits.


But behold, however, I was taken by surprise two weeks ago by a few amateurs of adventure. Just before they went on a trip, they asked me: Why don’t you come along??!

My boss who is my friend and my hostess here, along with a few of her friends.

I said instantly yes, I didn’t want to miss a hike. Even though I had heard that the Ridgeway route, the one they wanted to walk, is quite long and demanding.


We had as a starting point a magical place about I will tell you more in a future article, The Chilterns View Retreat. We started excited, even against the very strong wind of that day.


Our final destination was Henley, a city that I had yet to visit.


We walked the plains filled with rich wheat and, then crossed a forest.

My soul rejoiced.

I was back home, in the middle of Mother Nature.



We discovered a few cottages on our way, very cute and so different from what I had seen in Romania, my natal country. I wanted to take a few images to show you…



First stop and the first pub. That’s the habit around here, to say hello and knock a glass. Now what kind of glass, each after desire.


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After a while, we arrived at the entrance to the city which was the final point of our hike.



But what do you think, that adventure stopped here? Nooo… Henley, as much as I noticed that day, is a wonderful city and I can’t wait to discover it in the nearest future.



Second stop and second pub. There was the first time I saw the “elephant” beer…



We had a third stop, but sorry I forgot to take at least a photo.

Here we are in full team enjoying our maximum at the last stop. Last stop for me, the others chose to visit the local pub and their friends.



After that I preferred to indulge myself with a wonderful sunset walking half an hour to home.


Oh, what a surprise. Here’s how many steps I made that day, 31 200.

Not so bad, as the English would say…:)


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