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The journey begins when you cross the threshold
of your home, right?

I thought it was the time to visit Dobrogea, my native area.
I searched for information and I have found out that there are many lakes,
mountains and forests, miracles that are still unknown to me. I was interested to visit Macin National Park.
Today I am happy to present you a hiking day in the Macin Mountains, Tutuiatu Peak,
to which I took part as a photographer and travel blogger.

This adventure in nature was exceptionally organized by :

Mountain Route:

Greci Center – Morsu Valley – Tutuiatu Peak – The High Peak Valley – Seaca Valley – Fagilor Valley – Informations Point, Cetatuia

Relaxed and fun atmosphere to the countryside

We started the adventure


Just a little bit…

Dobrogea, my amazing native area


And finally, we reached the top of the mountain

We took a short breake and snapped together what we had, then we went down another road.


The way we met several creatures…

A man of nature, a proud shepard of many sheep…

Wild nature, fresh and peace of mind, I was thinking…
I did not even wonder when a group of motor bikers suddenly appeared.
They climbed the mountain in speed, to our delight. Or at least mine… 🤣


On a foothill, a mouth of heaven…


We left this miracle behind, just tu surprise us with another, Iacob Hill

Where we ended our one-day adventure, in a story decor…

I thank the organizer Marius Robert Dinu and all the participants for the warm
and relaxed atmosphere that made this hiking a real delight for my soul.

”Make Eden from what you have.”

Says an old wise saying. We, the Romanians, really have an amazing country to discover.

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