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We needed adventure and coaching in nature, so on Sunday, July 8, 2018, Marius Robert Dinu picked us up from the house on each of us.

and we started on the road.
The first stop was at the forest restaurant, where we had a nice brunch full of calories:
My portion = cheese + jam cake+ fresh orange
We laughed and joked.
Then, willingly and energetically, we ventured through the woods ..





At some point, we came to a mysterious and somewhat frightening place …
All of the branches of the trees around the grave were hung with thousands of pieces of material as a symbol of the sacrifice of those passing by and breaking their clothes to fulfill their desires, according to local beliefs


I have not done this, because for some time anyway, I have fulfilled many of my dreams … 😊

We got tired and cried for leg pain. Especially me… 🙂

But we felt wonderful, we were alive and we were totally happy of everything that was at that moment.

It was the first time that this trip through the Babadag forest, besides
the coach and organizer of the trip,
we, the rest of the group, were only women.
And that amused us a lot …


Obviously, we spoke on the road about today’s man and woman who both adapt to change by accessing all the inner resources and about the fulfilling relationships that take place when the two partners meet on all levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritual and material.

Marius developed the subject, talking about * The Five Languages ​​of Love, a book written by Gary Chapman.

He explained to us with ease that each of us has a certain perception of what love is, and why it is so difficult sometimes to get along with a partner.
Oh, do not forget to reread it as soon as possible!
We thank to the coach for so inspiring leadership of debates on deep themes with spiritual nuance and not only, and for creating the perfect context through the wonderful walk in nature.

All this has helped us to get closer to ourselves, to connect with our Higher Self and to take a closer look at the manifestation of our femininity.

I promise to develop all of these topics more in the second part of the book
* I knew you’d come wearing white, one of the projects I’m working on.
Soon it will be ready the English version of the book.

As long you have the time and pleasure, I invite you to enjoy the first chapter for free here, Romanian version – I have to recognize that few words from you could help me very much, thank you in advance!😍


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