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For 7 days I’ll do an experiment and write a few lines every day here.

I do this for myself, but I’m sure it will be useful for you too. Thanks a lot for accompanying me… 🙂

Moment 0 is for me the one I align myself with my understanding of what I want and who I am:
“Well, this is the situation, neither good nor bad, and from now on I want to do this …”
By this I mean about every action I take to achieve what I want and to become who I want to be. The present is a reality of the actual state of things, which at times can only be an appearance.

DAY 2 here




For one year I’ve lived with my sick parents and I’ve taken care of them the best way I can.
I often change places with my father because my mother needs permanent care and supervision, but sometimes he needs to go to bed too. Everything I do, I do with great love even though sometimes I do find it difficult. I’m just a human being and I’m going to have frustrations about my current limitations, I have to admit. But in the next few days I should end the bureaucracy, and then I will be able to find someone to replace me.


A wise person told me at some point that:

“Taking care of your parents in old age is a social debt. You do it or you pay for someone else to do it for you. “


I am happy that I could be with them and grateful that we had this chance to spend some time together. I was able to enjoy seeing their smiles and hearing their voices. I even recovered some of the precious moments I missed when I was just a child.

But now is the time to live my own life.

I have to leave my roots, my basic family  again, but never definitively – in order to create a fulfilling life with the right partner for me, as it is from nature. To live my dream with him. Taking photos, writing and travelling as before, but this time with full speed ahead.

That’s exactly what I was talking about.
Some people find a moment and identify it for the rest of their life.

Now, talking about my life, maybe I could have made better choices. But whatever my present is – a consequence of my past choices, I regret nothing. Really nothing at all. I have made many apparent ‘mistakes’, but they have led me to the state of consciousness that I am living with today.

By the way, I was told once that there is no word like that, consciousness. Hah, there are many words and things that you discover only when you are able to understand them.

I have told you today of a part of my present that some sad people perceive as my whole life, to show that I am an ordinary person who also has challenges and choices to do. I’m not a super nova. My conscious choice is to take a 7-day break, or even more, while my mind will definitely issue a lot of thoughts that I will record next day here.


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Today, March 20 the Spring Equinox is taking place, an important astrological moment. Tomorrow will be a full moon, and I’ve certainly begun to feel the effects – by doing this courageous action and exposing myself “naked” in the front of you. The point is that the perfect time for each of us to cleanse our lives mental, emotional, sentimental, spiritual and even material.


I choose to free myself from any expectation and have no claims from people, situations, even from my life. These days I will take things as they are, I will carry on my activities and work quietly on my projects, open to everything, whatever will come to me.


DAY 2 here



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