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To my great joy, I was again invited to participate as a photographer and travel blogger in a new adventure in nature.



Every time I am extremely happy to visit the Măcin Mountains National Park, a park that is full of valleys and greenery, with a capricious climate and a lot of wildlife. Although these mountains are not high, they are just under 500 m, I swear to you that their passage leaves you somehow powerless at the end.
You can enjoy many photos and find out more about another experience of ours in this area, the climbing of the Ţuţuiatu Peak, here:
But let’s go back to the new trip on the Pricopanului Peak, the land of the ancient gods.
We started slightly, but with open souls, leaving behind the Fântâna cu Leac Monastery.

Me, myself and I… ti saluto… 😊            
Happy of us, people of Dobrogea, my native area. We have the mountain near the sea.

It seems that one of the most pressing needs of modern human is more than ever to spend time in the wild.

.                          The monoliths             Granite blocks that are often rounded, like you’re in a dinosaur’s nest among his eggs … Here you realize the age of the place and almost feel the rocks erode.


”Est modus in rebus.”


There is a measure in everything.              
It would be great to keep these wise words and try to keep a measure in what we do. Let us always seek the middle way and live in harmony, giving importance, that is to say time and space, to all aspects of our lives: health / sport / food, service / job / career, relationships / family / friends, romantic love / partner.

Connecting with nature is very important for our health: physical, mental and emotional.   

           But also the connection between us, people with passions in common: travelling, hiking, adventure in nature and the desire to live healthy.

  We all know that opening ourselves to new people, places and stories enriches our inner universe.

And the deep connection we have with ourselves will always establish the quality of relationships with the people that life brings to us.

                               I love nature as well as their people and their stories, and that’s why I will always be happy to be invites to take part in hiking in the wild, anywhere in our amazing world.

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