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Route: Greci Village – Stone Quarry – Țuțuiatu Peak


Here’s the storm passed and one of the other days we set off on a new trip.

The invitation that I received with great joy came from a friend, Marius Robert Dinu from Adventure and Couching in Nature, was to explore the Macin Mountains together again.


Marius collected each of us in front of his house and we then traveled to our enthusiastic destination for an hour or so. The joy was great because it was a very sunny morning and it made it easy for us to leave our worries behind, to forget about them all day. We enjoyed travel stories and wondered if there would be snow on the mountain.


Our happiness was huge because the landscape turned white when we arrived in the Măcin Mountains National Park, almost everything was completely covered by snow.

Here’s the first photo, the Greci village in the background.


Marius chose for us a career road, a hike of up to 10 kilometers and 4 hours.

Without too sloping slopes, the long road, but which surely reached the highest peak of Dobrogea – Tutuiatu Peak  467 meters high, in order to admire in all its splendor.

A maximum of 7 degrees and 4 hours of sunshine were forecast.



And here we are, the few people eager to spend time in nature, to exercise and breathe fresh air.

Under normal circumstances, this route is not the most spectacular but behold, because of the snow it became quite a fairy tail, as you see in the photos.


It goes without saying that we have relaxed and somehow forgotten about ourselves, adults full of worries and responsibilities. Without realizing it, we brought out the inner child…



More jokingly, more seriously to know that our city was well represented on the mountain that day. We met in the wild with other people, and some of them we knew.

It seems that our old Tomis now Constanta is not that big and we kind of know ourselves, those passionate about adventure in nature.



Every time I am extremely excited to visit the Măcin Mountains National Park, a park that is full of valleys and ridges, with a capricious climate and a lot of wildness. Although these mountains are not tall, they are just under 500 m, I swear that crossing them always takes your breath away with the landscapes that change fabulously every season.


You can enjoy yourself here with another spring adventure in the Măcin Mountains – Cozluk Valley

Blessed of us, people of Dobrogea. We have mountains close to the sea.



On the mountain we even played X and O, maybe you know it. We even sang and danced Lambada 🙂


The acute needs of modern human is now more than ever to spend time in the wild.



And yet, some choose to enjoy these marvels in front of the TV, with the remote control in hand.

But from the comfort of your home you can’t breathe the fresh, you can’t enjoy your gaze with dreamscapes, you can’t hear the wind and the other sounds of nature.

Snow, wind or sun, all these natural elements give you health in mind, body and soul and activate your inner strength.



We merged with the heights of the mountain and stole a drop of its steadfastness, as well as the infinity of time.

Attention! Winter equipment: non-slip and non-wet winter boots, multi-layered clothes, t-shirt, blouse and jacket, gloves and possibly spare socks. We recommend that you have hiking sticks.


When you visit Romania do not hesitate to accompany us for a new exploration.

I greet you with love and joy!




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