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May 19 2019, 19.00

I’m in Suceava at a café.
We have finished the Alfacamp and I am to the  trainstation much earlier.

I entered in a hotel near the station and asked where I could spend about 2 hours. I ordered, to my great surprise, an Irish Coffee – coffee with rum, and an orange juice.

Oh, I remembered that I enjoyed the last coffee like this many years ago when I was on a holiday on a Greek island. And I even wonder why I order alcohol, because I do not get used to it.

But I answered to myself that yes, it’s ok, because more or less consciously, I CELEBRATE.


I just realized how grateful I am for these fabulous days in the company of wonderful people. My soul was full of gratitude: I had the chance to travel away from my town and spend some time in a luxury place, coming in contact with many beautiful people learning precious lessons from a special person, my mentor for years in personal development.


Suceava, the places I visited during the excursions, the hotel where I stayed and the subjects – but especially the way they were approached – all of these elements surprised me in the most pleasant way.


The event was supported by Pera Novacovici, psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, author, and more recently, shaman. His approach was complete for every subject, which I congratulate him with all my heart. It’s the first time I get all the answers to my questions!

Especially the traumas, most of them from childhood, about their understanding, and even their healing, have been discussed, receiving greater understanding through access to divine love.


Pera has brought us concrete examples of his life, from the fact that he did not live up to 3 years with his parents and did not benefit from their affections, just as a small child needs air. From 4 to 4 he was taken and raised by his grandmother, giving him full love and affection, perhaps even in surplus – which led him to the other extreme, to the spoil.

At 9 years old his parents broke up, and Pera felt abandoned by his father. All his childhood lived in an atmosphere full of quarrels, fear and even terror, and the ghost of these moments haunted him until late, at maturity. If his father felt good, Pera was fine. If his mother felt good, Pera was fine. If his father was angry, drinking and screaming, his mother was irritated or even scared, terrorized, well, then Pera did not exist. His parents did not notice him, Pera was a negligible amount, no matter how he felt. So he stayed with many traumas: fear of abandonment, not being good enough, fear of being unaccepted, unworthy of love.


At Alfacamp, the relationship with the parents and the life partner was widely debated, putting some aspects I knew, but I was happy to discover new points of view. We also talked about addictions, and so I realized that addiction is addictive, no matter what its object: alcohol, games, food, shopping, sex, etc.

Not by chance, I had as a roommate a very special young lady from many points of view, who confessed to me from the first moments that she was an alcoholic person for 4 years in the abstinence phase. A very sure person on her life, anyway. My roommate shared with us all the unpredictable aspects of this addiction, very useful to me, but certainly to everyone.


I have had some challenges related to this addiction indirectly through the loved ones in my life, and for several years I have been trying to understand the close connection in some cases between people and alcohol. It was only here in Alfacamp that I received a rain of informations and I understood the real cause, I accepted, and maybe I even made up for this addiction, which, unfortunately, suffers from some important people in my life.


Probably that’s why I ordered that coffee with alcohol. I wanted to do a little experiment myself, checking my relationship with alcohol. Was I the problem? Should I be more flexible, adapt to the environment and the people around me?
I took a mouthful of Irish Coffee and told me it was ok, I thought it was interesting. But at the second, I told myself that there was too much alcohol for me, I already felt like climbing to my head and giving me a feeling of weight, unpleasant pain. I knew I could not even taste another drop, so I put the coffee away from me and enjoyed my orange juice. The experiment was a success, I learn that some things are for me and others do not. But that does not mean that I do not know how to sometimes enjoy a cup of boiled wine in the winter, a glass of cold beer in summer, a red wine at a special dinner.


As a result of this Alfacamp, I realized that I was so inflexible to the pain of people who ” get the pain in the drink”. Because alcohol drinkers are many and everywhere in this big world, and they just don’t know how to cover up, somehow hiding their childhood traumas. The pain of their souls is often unbearable, and they haunt their whole lives if they do not understand and change something.
I’m glad I wrote this article, that I had the power to address this topic.

I had and still have some people I love most and my soul hurts every time when I see them suffering and “treating” so wrong and ineffective their traumas by accessing so easily, the alcohol. It may seem a weakness, but it is a disease that leads to depression, a distorted perception of reality, exaggeration, violence, dysfunctional relationships, loss of service and self-esteem, health, family, maybe even death.
By participating in this event, I learned to be more flexible, empathetic and more compassionate. Now I feel like I want to help those who suffer from this addiction. Perhaps I have finally learned to accept them as they are and, paradoxically, to love them – unconditionally!


This was only one of the many topics in the Alfacamp-ul in Suceava,
an event that marked me and gave me a new restart through understanding and awareness through a leap of consciousness.

Thank you Pera Novacovici for becoming a shaman and you can now give us the full information. Thank you Pera Novacovici for not being a perfect person, but complete!


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