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Would you like to have a real pampering with your partner in a luxury resort?

This can be the wonderful gift to celebrate the special moments of your life, such as Valentine’s Day or any other anniversary.

Well, if you really want this, I highly recommend you to visit The Chilterns View retreat- luxury lodges near Oxford and London for a few days. You’ll definitely live here, an amazing experience.


Here are some of the reasons why you will choose this resort:

*You wake up in the morning in a beautiful and elegant lodge, equipped with everything you need


*You relax whenever and as much as you want in your own hot tub

Hot tub, not Jacuzzi – the last word is a brand and not the name of the product.



*You take a trip to English countryside that’s permanently green.


Look here an example: My first walk in England: more than Ridgeway


Or you can go climbing the trees in the Swyncombe woods like me 🙂


*You’re running around


The village of Ewelme, only a 5 minute drive or a lovely 25 minute walk over the hills.


Benson Village, the next village whose main street on the graceful drive to the river Thames.


*You visit the medieval town of Wallingford

Here you can discover the gardens and ruins of the castle, again the banks of the river Thames and narrow and winding streets. Don’t forget the local pubs.


*You’re walking in a famous city like Oxford – it’s only 25 minutes away


*You escape to the city–harbour of Bristol, about an hour and a half’s drive away


You can enjoy the photos and tips from my article: A day and a night in Bristol, England – U.K. perfume


Now that you’ve gone through these lines you wonder how I know all these things.

Firstly because for more than half a year I have lived in this wonderful area of England, called Oxfordshire.

Secondly, because I’ve worked for a few months in this fabulous resort that I highly recommend.

Where do you put that, being out of very lucky nature, I visit the resort and as a guest.

These were just a few of the reasons why you’ll spend a lovely time at The Chilterns View retreat. You are more than welcome!



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