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I was crossing the city center of Wiener Neustadt, Austria lost in my thought but with a heart filled with gratitude.

I’d only just ended my marriage a few minutes ago and I’d been thinking that nothing is in vain. That the both of us, through love and suffering, we had learned a lot from this short experience and that we’d both become wiser.

I’ve kept only one thing from this marriage, my name. And for this I thanked Mr. Nusthaler, and told him I’ll use it with pride and gratitude.


I was still lost in my thought when a young woman said to me:

‘Möchtest du mehr über deine Aura zu wissen?

She asked me if I wanted to know more about my aura, my energetic field.

She wanted me as a client, but I didn’t fall for it. But her next words did fall me and stayed on my mind for the rest of the day:

”Zwei Männer lieben dich…”

Meaning that two men love me.

Wow, really? But, dear Universe, be more clear and give me some details, please… Or, better yet, make an average of those men’s qualities and send me just one of them. Just one, but one who’ll really love me for the rest of my life.

I’ve told you this story so that I can tell you about obstacles and mental blocks that charge us with negative energy when we don’t give up, with all our hearts, what we don’t need anymore.

I want us to remember that we have our own interpretation of the events that happen in our lives: Do we really let things come naturally, by themselves, without forcing the things and people around us? Do we really let life flow beautifully, like a whirling, but also calm, river? Or do we prevent life’s evolution by clinging desperately to people and things when there’s no need to? Do we make that quiet flow of the river into a swamp for ourselves, whether we realise it or not?

Should we choose a vision of resentment, judging, despise and superiority over the person who has been by our side, through good or bad, just because we split up now? Or should we choose to be grateful because nothing happens by chance in this life anyway? Let’s understand that we needed that experience to become more tolerant, patient and even to open our hearts.

This is the only way we realised that all of our feelings and emotions, good or bad, overall good and that they lead us towards our self discovery.

That’s how I chose to leave this relation: in Love: with my soul wide open and completely grateful for everything that was shown to me, at a spiritual level, and that has been offered to me, physically and materially, during this unique and authentic relationship.

Signing the divorce papers that day, I ended things and went back to the start. I’ve completely turned towards myself, and my own life, and focused on the things that bring joy to my soul and that grow my personal development potential (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sentimentally, and professionally).

That’s why I celebrated, alone in my soul, the end of this chapter of my life, and felt freer than ever. This way I realised that my limitations never really existed, they’re not real. So I’ve decided to let myself be myself, the way I am, to just exist. To enjoy everything and anything. I promised myself never to criticise, judge or blame myself. And I will never waste my energy trying to become something others want me to be.

They say that when you lose yourself to (life) the universe, it loses itself to you as well, falling at your feet and bringing you all that’s good and useful to you.

Keeping this in my mind, after that special day I decided to treat myself by seeing a place very dear to me, Lake Neufeld.


I had made reservation to a hotel and I was pleasantly surprised when I went up the stairs to my room: I saw my photographs on the walls. I had presented those photographs three years ago in that hotel.

At that time, three years ago, I had been a beginner in photography, and these pieces were my first work: pure, unmodified. I’m delighted to remember now that, even though I didn’t know a soul in Austria then as I had been there for no longer than a few months, I had gone into this hotel at the edge of the lake and talked to the owner himself. I talked to him the way I knew then, three words in German and three in English.



Going up to my room, another surprise welcomed me, the view… 🙂


The next day I went exploring the place I knew all to well, and the lake was frozen…


I met a couple of brave boys from Vienna, amateur fishermen who slept in tents…



I watched the birds through the chain link fence, thinking that I wanted to be there…


And the universe granted my wish, when a man called me to the other side of the fence.

The birds were quiet until the man started feeding them…


Then they became ‘crazy birds’… 🙂



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We see outside of ourselves, in our immediate surroundings (people, situations), what we already have inside of us. The external only reflects our internal, it’s only a faithful mirror.


We all have issues, shortages and shortcomings.

But yet, let’s choose to send our energy and vitality towards the beautiful things in our lives, towards the things that make us feel grateful.


Let’s enjoy the people we have at our side, let’s enjoy it with them, and not be saddened by the ones we don’t have with us anymore. Let’s be happy with the things we already have: a job, a roof over our heads, a car or a bicycle. And let’s not cry over the things we don’t have (yet), especially since it only depends on us to attract them. But, in order to make room for the new, we must get rid of the old, did you know that? And we need to do it with all our hearts.

Let’s listen and follow the call of our inner child, and let ourselves trust it, because that’s the only way we can preserve our purity, our playfulness, delight, open mind, spontaneity and joy. Let’s choose consciously to live in the present moment, to be Here and Now. Of course, it’s good to loosely a plan our life, but let’s leave some room for surprise.

We give life power, we are its creators, and we dictate how it’s going to be. We see what we want to see.

So, what do we choose: evolution or stagnation? In relationships, situations, and places that don’t fulfill us anymore, that don’t value us?

This is my vision, I hope you like it and I welcome you to tell me what is it that this faithful mirror is telling you.


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