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I will start today this article with a confession.

A few years ago I worked as an assistant manager for two people who, in turn, had the title of Chief Architect of the City in which I was born.

I think I missed that atmosphere of the office filled with files for authorizing and modifying buildings, plans and projects, as well as the collaboration and contact with the beautiful people I worked together. I learned a lot in that place and I thank the two wonderful people who supported and inspired me for personal grow!


That is why I was so excited to respond to the invitation of Licata Design and Bemel companies to attend to an interesting party in Bucharest, the capital of my country.

This was the first mini-event of the “Architects in the Kitchen” series, an architectural cooking contest organized in an elegant location: Deltastudio, intelligent interior design – a true source of inspiration for top suppliers around the world and ensures a permanent alignment with global trends.


Here’s the first participant from Licata Design.
Roberto is an engineer / architect who has been working for over 25 years in the field of landscape architecture, industrial design, engineering and interior design. His experiences include Africa, America, Europe and Asia. He is in constant research to find the most harmonious design solution that meets the needs of his customers.

I helped Roberto… looking at him… 🙂



AlfaInvest’s second chef – Office of Architecture & Design, with invaluable help alongside


And the team from Miso Architects


The event aimed to socialize, create moments full of creativity and joy for those who have passions in common and want to build beautiful things together.


It is self-evident that in the end all chef architects were awarded … 🙂


During this event I had the pleasure to meet Ana Demian, the finalist of the culinary tv-show in Romania, MasterChef in 2017. Ana was part of the jury, but she also offered us the dessert choosing to celebrate our birthday with us. All the best!


So all I have to do is to say is thank you, Cristi și Monica.


The two represent Bemelcompany that offers Architecture, Urbanism, Interior Design, Project Management and Costs, Engineering and Landscape Design services at national and international level.

Their motto sounds great:



Good to remember!

I’m sure some of you need this information or photos,

I certainly enjoyed a fascinating evening with these wonderful people. That is the reason why I introduced you this event to point out that we have real professionals – architects, designers – value people who know how to work together harmoniously and make a wonderful contribution through the services they offer.


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