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Do you know how is after a total anesthesia?
If not, I’ll tell you now …
Your senses wake up one after another.

  • First, HEARING.

You catch the whispers that seem very distant to you, then you hear the voices and the sounds around you all.

  • The next one activate is SENCE OF TOUCH.

You begin to feel and move, shy at first, your fingers. You rejoice in rediscovering them, then stretch out to perceive your entire body …

  • Only in the end your SEEING is back.

You open your eyes widely with great astonishment as for the first time …


This whole process is a real miracle and brings you emotion after emotion.

You return to life with immense joy in the soul. You pass through the wonder of a child this discovery – through your body, to life itself… If you did not have this experience, I swear to you that it is a divine, non-earthly feeling …

Well, I have not told you in vain how it feels the human being, on a case-by-case basis, after general anesthesia.

That’s exactly how I wake up almost every morning with that immense joy in my soul.

And not because I have big reasons for my achievements, especially the material and financial ones, but on the contrary.
It seems like I have not been interested in this pragmatic aspect of life so far, and that’s why I’m so relaxed …

I know everyone has a mission in this life. So maybe you have come more to make money and I’m here to discover the depths of my soul and give you the magic. And how nice we have filled each other … 🙂

But here’s how I came from sleep and dreams. Before I opened my eyes, I received the following message:

Prepare yourself for the best time of your life!

Oh, what encouraging words …
Ptiuuu, so I woke up, coming from heaven!

I know some people, quite a lot of people, understand very well what I’m saying here, and I would like you write me a word here or in a message.

So, besides the joy of a new summer day, bright and promising, I received this message from the ether as a confirmation of what I am and of what I am doing. In the most subtle way I was told that I was on my own way, to continue as before, but to prepare for new great joy …

It is self-evident that the next second I got out of bed very happy, but a sharp pain suddenly woke me from reverie.
I had hit my leg in the wooden corner of the bed and now I had a pretty deep scratch …

Hah, it seems that my mind disagreed with the message launched by the soul … More precisely, it is not (yet) prepared to receive the things the soul needs and demands …

Have you heard about the emotional causes of accidents and diseases? Would you like me to write more about it? Do you want me to explain to you why it happens and why some unpleasant things repeat in your life? Text me… 🙂

Oh, I was very happy for a second, but it quickly reminded to me that I was more than a soul, that I had a body … And above all, a mind that is playing with me. The scratch brought me with my feet on the ground, to say so …

The soul gives me wings to fly, but I still have to work with myself. In my unconscious there are still some brakes, fears and patterns of thinking that block me from attracting what is the best and most beautiful for me …

Now that I’m writing this article I realize it’s great to be vulnerable in the front of you!

I’ve already done this, I frankly exposed the story and the privacy of life experiences through my book, * I knew you would come in whiteclick here if you want to read the first chapter for free (asap in English). In its contents you can discover the parts of my soul.

I open myself more and more ‘naked’ in the hope that those in need will find the confirmation they are looking for and that together we can inspire others.

Sometimes I leave my rational mind aside and I rely more on intuition, on what I feel and live inside. That’s what I’m doing now through this article. Surely I need more trust in my instincts, and the scratch today is a warning about the hesitations I have in making some decisions and invites me graciously to face my own emotions.

So do not be surprised that although we ask for various things from life, we may have some brakes that can sometimes delay them.

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